Programmable Pulse Reverse Rectifiers for Metal Finishing
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Pulse Reverse Power Supplies by Plating Electronic
Highest current accuracy
Programmable POWER PULSE power supplies
Improved distribution on high aspect ratio circuit boards

Superior via fill

Finer grain structure

Reduced porosity

Increased hardness

Your choice of currents, with or without pulse, high output power, extraordinary dynamics and programmable process sequences.  Tested under toughest conditions.  The pulsed POWER PULSE power supplies by Plating Electronic with high reversible output power were originally developed for the galvanic and PCB industry where only performance beyond the usual counts.
Effective output current of 1 to10,000 A
Pulse currents up to 24,000 A
Output voltages of 6 to 500 V (effective)
Manual operation via integrated key pad and alphanumeric display
Serial RS485 interface
Graphics display for visual pulse forms (optional)
Pulse frequencies up to 10 kHz
Air or water cooling
Contact us with your requirements.  POWER PULSE power supplies by Plating Electronic offer a wide flexibility for many different applications, e.g. Industry, Laboratory, Testing, Research, Automotive, Aviation and Space.