Automatic Plating Installations
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Plating Equipment for Aerospace, Automotive, Telecommunications, Medical and General Metal Finishing applications....
Turnkey design
Modular or Tank & Frame type construction
Integral spill containment
Environmental enclosures or automatic lids at individual stations
Multiple hoist types available to suit every load size and configuration: Side Arm, Semi Bridge, Full Bridge and Rail Rider type.
Hoist positioning via Laser or Encoder
Random Load or Time-way based hoist control
Automatic controls are configured to control all aspects of the plating operation including: hoist scheduling, rectifier control, temperature monitoring and control

Automatic controls utilize PC and PLC hardware.

Hoist and Data Acquisition and Control for Plating Systems
Flexible Random Load Capability or Fixed Load Scheduling

Device Control and Trending
Part Tracking, Data Storage and Data Base Capability
Configurable Production Reports
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